If your furniture has ‘good bones’ ask Sofa Establishment about our refurbishing services

Sofa Establishment will reupholster most furniture products, irrespective of brand. We offer these services because we care for our environment and we know our clients do too.

Our renovation services extend from high quality residential furniture to the most complex or unusual commercial pieces, like wall panelling, sound proofing, gaming stools, club and pub dining chairs and lounge furniture, hotels room furniture (including bedheads) and reception furniture.

Renovated furniture is often even better than new…

Absolutely true! Choosing to update your furniture gives you the opportunity to create truly unique pieces and is ecologically friendly. It means renewal not disposal. It saves energy, reduces waste and helps to lessen our negative impact on the planet.


You can further control the size of your footprint by opting for natural fibres, leathers and other products with relatively low negative impact on the environment, whilst being creative, demonstrating that we take our environmental responsibility seriously and saving money in the long term.

It is also a chance to minimize surrounding yourself and others with chemicals and harmful products that are detrimental to our health, which are often included in products manufactured by not very responsible organisations or countries.

Reupholstering means turning tired furniture, even mass produced products, into hand-crafted, unique pieces. It allows us to put the emphasis where it should be: on durability, comfort and personal satisfaction.

Choosing to renovate furniture is a choice for the future. It could mean a reduced carbon footprint, greener spaces that are better for all of us, and employment for Australians who share your commitment to quality and the planet.

Let’s talk, please consider the possibilities and contact us, we are just one phone call away and we have experience on our side.